Having custom announcements and invitations made can be easy if you know how to do it.

I made things a little easy on myself for my last big order.


  • I designed my own using Microsoft publisher. To be fair, I modified a design that comes with the program. I used some photographs we had made.
  • I ordered 120 invites, 200 address labels, 10 rsvp cards for older folks, 150 thank you cards, and one yard /driveway sign for $160. It's unlikely you would be impressed with my cardstock ;-p.
  • Had to have them reprinted because they couldn't properly trim a border. But they very nicely reprinted it with a modified design for free. Exactly what this sub led me to expect! Fair quality, but a good price with good customer service.
  • Edited to add pictures of the design. Pictures of the printed invite will be added later. Save the Date included to show you why I needed the border dang it!

As far as the sizes of the invitations, I think Vistaprint's are a little non-standard: a bit smaller than 5" wide, and a little more than 7" long.

I found the exact dimensions on their website once the first design I uploaded was the wrong proportions. I really wish I had found that sooner.

In Microsoft Publisher I just created a blank document of exactly the dimensions I needed.

At first I was just exporting my design as a really high resolution image, but then I discovered that they can read the native file formats of several design tools, including Microsoft Publisher and Adobe Photoshop. Either way, you still have to expand your image into their little design window, which drove me slightly crazy but was similar to the other online vendors.

Their customer service is fantastic. I forgot to put the RSVP date on mine, called them up just to see if they could do anything, and they reprinted them for free.

These were the steps for Vistaprint.


I have tried something simialr on Minted.

For minited the process liooked like this:

  • It was a square card, floral design. Not sure of the design name right now.
  • Total cost was around $450. We ordered 125 (I think), upgraded paper, and had a floral design printed on the back. This also included RSVP cards.
  • We adore them and everyone loved them. Since we did add a personal touch.

Everything was excellent. Our cards didn't go into printing the day we were told they would, so I contacted customer service. They apologized, worked to fix the problem, and then upgraded us to overnight shipping for free.

Wedding Paper Divas

For another celebration we went with Wedding Paper Divas:

  • Picked a pre-made design, heavy card stock, matte
  • Ordered 45 of each invitation, accomodations insert, rsvp card, and matching thank you cards. They cost $300.
  • Loved the cards, customer service was awesome with a design change I wanted, and they were printed quickly.

Excellent service. They do send by fed Ex with signature required so I had to go up there and pick them up because we arent home during the day, but thats barely a complaint.

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