THe question of how to invite a guest with a partner is often asked. But is it really that hard?

Say you have a friend who has been a in relationship, she has a boyfriend and now you want to invite her to celebration.

Since she is in a relationship, this is not considered a "plus one". They are a social unit! Definitely invite him by name.

You can do it two ways. You can put their names on different lines (a little older school and makes it clear that they are not married) or put their names on the same line (used to ONLY be used for married couples who had different last names but people sometimes use it for cohabiting couples now).

So it would be:

Ms. Sally Smith Mr. John Doe 123 Main Street Anytown, USA


Ms. Sally Smith and Mr. Richard Brown 123 Main Street Anytown, USA

I put "Sally Smith and John Doe" on all our invitations where the people are dating someone but not married.

If someone is completely single, you would just say "Sarah Smith and guest" or just "Sarah Smith" if you don't want her to bring a 1. But if she's in a relationship, invite the boyfriend by name.

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