I spin wool, knit, crochet, paint, draw and love crafts! I have space limits on all my things: two IKEA cubes for yarn, two work in progress bags, one IKEA RASKOG trolley for my scrapbook notions, albums sit on my bookcase, one sewing machine trolley for machine and notions, and one small filing box for fabric.

I can have as much as I like as long as it fits within those limits.

I've joined my local guild of spinners and weavers where I can borrow a lot of the equipment I need. I even go there in person to work on my crafts! That's allowed me to downsize significantly on the material I keep at home. I only have three small plastic containers of craft materials.

When I downsized, I also convinced myself to stop buying any crafts supplies and use up what I have. Even though my stash is tiny (from what it used to be), I can always make do without needing to shop.

Because I love so many types or arts and crafts, I also tried to become more realistic with what I can actually accomplish. I have kids and a full time job, so realistically I may only have time for a few projects a month.

I downsized my stash and materials to reflect the life I have, not the life we all dream to have iinite free time.

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